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  • New Zombie loot tables causing issues to other NPC loot tables

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    The new update you rolled out shortly ago regarding zombies dropping new loot is causing other NPCs to do the same thing. Tunnel Dwellers (and most likely Scientists as well - I haven't looked at them specifically yet) are now dropping about 1/5th or less of what they normally were before.

    The picture shown is an entire loot table dropped by a tunnel dweller. No components or bullets dropped on that guy. Another Dweller only dropped 2 Metal Blades as his entire table.

    Priority: High Server: Scourge

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    Can now confirm that Scientist loot is also affected by this bug. This was his entire loot drop. Note that this Scientist was a Military Tunnel Scientist, not a Junkpile Scientist, so his loot table should be larger even under normal circumstances.


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