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  • Oil Refineries require wood after every restart US-Scourge

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    I have oil refineries set up with industrial pipes and igniters. Not using wood unless I need char, because VIP. So first thing in the morning I check my Pumpjack and add the crude to my refinery box, then flip the switch for the igniters. But this hasn't been working after every restart. The igniters only work if I add wood to the chest to feed it to the refineries. If I want to use my refineries without wood, I have to open each individual refinery. I think the refineries etc are getting reset to non-vip status, and it's fixing them when I manually open them.

    This is a minor complaint, and I can work around it for now, but I just thought I'd point this out to you guys.

    Priority: Low Server: Scourge

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    I use a timer switch set to 1 second. I just like the lever action better 🙂 Originally I had the timer switch tied into a solar panel because I was going to try to make it activate once per day/night cycle. But the solar panels are wonky and like to push intermittently. Anyways. There's nothing wrong with my electrical. The igniters all work. I just have to check each refinery manually before they will work with no wood.

    This is probably not an issue for people who light their refineries and/or load them manually

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    Here's a video of how I get them to start working again. Once I open and close each refinery they work with my igniter system as intended and they will continue to work flawlessly until the next server restart.

    This also shows my electrical works just fine. It doesn't matter if it's a button or a switch, as long as each igniter gets 2 power. Putting them on a regular switch and leaving it on just causes the igniters to go off continuously and destroy themselves. That's why I have the timer switch. A button would probably work too. This is just more visually appealing to me. It's also easier to tell when you've flipped the switch, you can see it flip and it makes a sound.

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    @TiMeToRn There is a workaround for this. If you deposit your crude at a time that means the refineries will still be processing it when the server restarts, then they will still remember you are VIP and light with a button/switch and an igniter without the need to interact with them.
    I personally find 6 refineries is more than sufficient to keep up with a level 20 PJ so I deposit my daily crude in the late evening into my refinery output box and my refineries will still be processing that crude at the restart and then when I get on after work the following evening I can always just use my button to light the refineries again for the next batch.

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