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  • Parts of house, boxes, etc gone??

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    TinyChimera, SuperWHOLocked and I are all friends connected, in a team, authorized on the TC in our shared house on US Survival.   Tiny is the one who put down the TC, but has not been on because her computer is in the shop.  Super and I have still been playing, although I haven't been on since last week.  When I logged in today most of the house, TC, all boxes, etc.etc. were gone.  Super was just on either Monday or Tuesday and she said everything was alright then.   Theattackchef was notified.  I wanted to make sure you knew this happened.  I thought it wouldn't despawn if we were all friend connected, in a team and TC authorized??    Thanks, Diva

    Priority: Low Server: Survival

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    Sorry for the delay. I've taken a look and couldn't find anything that really stands out.

    Player A goes inactive
    Purge scans all cupboards and finds the one owned by Player A
    Purge scans all authorized players on the tool cupboard found in previous step
    If at least one active player abort
    If no active players, destroy TC and all attached entities.

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    I think if they have a large compound with overlapping TCs is messes up. It's the main reason I never base with anyone even though I am teamed with someone. Or one of us fully builds the base.

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