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  • Pipes Disabled PumpJack ate my Fuel

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    Howdy, reported on Discord about the rubber banding that was happening on (AU) Survival.

    I placed 50k lgf into my Pumpjack, to keep it going whilst Death turned off the Pipes etc.

    Came back about 2 hours later, to 6lgf left in my Pumpjack and only 80 crude oil!

    Checked the building priv, and its only covering my Crude Oil output and not my LGF Input.

    Can the logs please be checked to see if someone pinched it, or was it a bug with the Piping System? ūüôā

    thankkkkkkkk youuuuuuu ūüôā

    Priority: Low Server: Survival

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    Thank you for reporting, this information may help with @Death investigation of the issue

    I have checked the logs and no one has taken from your pumpjack. 

    However I myself after logging and checking my setup come to find nothing has been produced in the last 24 hours. Everything I had an adaptor on is completely empty and nothing is getting produced when hand feeding. 

    To fix this for the time being while pipes are inactive I have picked up all my deployables that had pipes to them and placed them back down. I also won't re pipe until they are switched back on just incase there is something going on in the background.

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