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  • placing walls on triangle bases.

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    Its easier just to show you, you can place walls next to each other around a circle of traingles on ground floor image.thumb.png.0ab016227225df897dbe80a13fea6123.png


    but when you try it higher up the walls cannot be placed next to each other and say "too close to another building". image.thumb.png.79000d12179bae25431128a0cec4ced1.png




    Iv'e tried reversing the walls, using frames instead, and there is nothing other than the walls in any kind of proximity. Wall placement like this has always worked so this is a new bug. And it isn't my location because I know of another player who had the same prob. And sometimes if you case a wall from a different angle or look down from above it works, but other times nothing works.


    Thanks ❤️

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    Ok so this time i did it in the exact same way i did it last build and it worked image.thumb.png.d135bdfdf5887d46a0016990304eb267.png


    I put the roof triangles on first, then the floor triangles below them, then the walls aro0und the inside center, and they let me do it. The order should make no difference but somehow it did. I can't make sense of it but here it is.


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    I know of a Facepunch bug that may cause this and has been around for a long time but depending on how you place the triangles will determine if you have issues down the track as you were in your report. 

    The easiest way I can replicate this is by making a ring using square and triangle foundations and then fill it in, most times I get down to insert the last foundations and it will give me the same error. I believe triangles want to snap to 2 different points in some scenarios which in my opinion tricks it into seeing 2 buildings.

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