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  • Planters are not receiving water from sprinklers. US Scourge

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    Up until Thursday, my sprinklers/planters were working great. I used them to breed 4y2g clones of everything, and then farm a bunch. Some time Thursday afternoon they stopped working properly. Now, even though the sprinklers are getting enough water, and I have tore it all out and rebuilt it, some planter boxes either get no water at all or randomly do not get water half
    (or more) of the ticks, while others on the same line work correctly. Sometimes the planters will get water properly for a time, then suddenly stop getting water, or get less. Other times they get no water from the start.

    The layout:

    The planters are set up in groups of 4, in a row of 6 sets (24 planters). I have 4 of these setups. Set 1 is closest to the river, and set 6 is furthest from it and closest to TC

    The design 1:

    The original design I had was a water pump feeding into a line of 6 sprinklers. I had 2 sprinklers per 4 planters. Each line of six sprinklers had its own water source being fed by a water pump out of a river. This worked fine for about 5 days. Thursday I came back and saw that the further from the river (the closer to my TC) the planters were, the less water they would receive. I cleared out all the plants, broke and replaced all the planters, setting them back to 0 water, and ran the system for ~10 minutes (this process will be referred to as the "from 0 test"). Even without plants in them to use water, planters further down the line ended up with less water, sometimes none.

    Design 2:

    After a player suggested it may be an issue with the source not being powerful enough as it went down the line, I attached fluid switch and pump between the water pump and the first sprinkler in the line. After running a "from 0 test", I also tried this again with the water pump into a water barrel, then gravity fed, and another time with a pump on either side of the water barrel.

    Design 3:

    Wondering if the issue was the distance from the source, I instead set up water barrels on the roof above. I used water pumps to ump the water into the barrels, then pumped them straight down into the sprinklers bellow. I tired this using extra fluid switch pumps after the barrels, and also by having each combination hooked up to only 4 sprinklers. All these iterations each had "from 0 test"s run

    Design 4:

    Another player came in offering to help, and we tore everything out. I let him place all the objects in case it was an issue with me, my authorization, or my client. Each line of 6 sprinklers was fed from a water combiner, with had two water pumps feeding them. The water at the last sprinkler was checked with a hose tool and well more than enough to power it (14 or 16). After a "from 0 test" we added additional fluid switch pumps between the water pumps and the combiners.

    Design 5:

    Simply out of desperation, I put a single barrel on the roof for each sprinkler, manually filled it, and ran a "from 0 test".


    I had a number of players come in and try designs of their own. I have tried server designs not listed above. Sometimes admins, or more than one player. Some players with farms many (many) times larger than mine. None of us could figure it out. Each set down the line as it got further from the river and closer to the TC, would receive less water from the sprinklers, or none at all. The whole system and farm has been torn out and rebuilt by me about several times in the last 2 days, and a couple times by other players. Finally after replicating this to an admin and another player, I was advised to create this report.

    I have made a diagram of some of the designs (see attached). The top of the diagram is towards the river. Each set of 4 planters (1-6) runs perpendicular to the river, towards TC which is in the direction of the bottom. My base is located on the river in P2(US SCOURGE). I have also included a screen shot of it in case someone wanted to look at it while I was offline.

    Any help would be appreciated.






    Priority: Low Server: Scourge

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