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  • Player appears dead, cant see my own base or even other players

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    Yesterday, my char wasnt able to teleport on Elysium, everytime I used /home game crashed

    My team member was next to me, you can also see him in the map, but I wasnt able to see or hear him. Cant see my own base, or part of buildings (like a recycler at the railstation, its totally gone for me, but other players can actually see it). Sometimes I "vanish" and the rest of the players cant see me anymore

    My name looks red, like Im dead, but I'm not. Cant use the team chat, just global chat

    There is another bug, my own deformed silhouette walking/flying  next to me XD

    I joined Pure server and works perfect,I had that problem just on Elysium.

    Re started the pc, checked  internet connection, re installed the game, and its not solved. That's why Im bothering you guys, maybe you can help me.

    My nick in game is: Nivs (Nivsie on steam)

    Thanks in advance,



    Ps: I've recorded some videos, I can send you. Just let me know and I will edit a few

    Priority: High Server: Elysium

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    Hi Nivs 

    please try this and see if it works

    Unequip all items and remove inventory, Press Esc in game, select suicide and log out (dead) on login you should be dead and then respawn back in for it to work again.

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    Hello Sweet Tooth, thanks for the reply

    Sadly, I tried what you said, and it didnt work. I still look red, like dead, but not.

    When I respawn, game crash

    Sorry to bother the staff with this issue, but I can't play normally



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