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  • Players Being Moved After Logged Out

    Dicko A La Mode
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    2 completely separate players have reported waking up outside their base.  

    Situation 1 - 

    Player General_Bondi reported he had woke up outside his base and stuff was missing.  Upon inspection he had friends on his team who were in his boxes during the time frame that his stuff was missing.  I told General_Bondi to speak with his friends about his stuff and attributed him waking up outside to either a server glitch or he forgot where he actually logged out.

    Upon researching more after situation 2 I found one of the people that was on his team had purged before the incident.  The purged player is It's AlesXe ✪ | TML ☜☯☞ .

    Situation 2 -

    Player Dael reported in game that part of his build was missing and we woke up outside his base.  He said his door closer was missing and a foundation with the associated wall and roof.  The foundation that was missing had stairs near it that was from Bosn.  Bosn was purged last night.


    Reporting as it seems odd there are 2 instances of people waking up outside and both had someone on their team purged.  

    Priority: Medium Server: Scourge

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