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  • Players that build close to Giant Excavator are getting killed after disconnecting in their base

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    US Scourge.

    Two reports of players building close to the Giant Excavator monument logging back on to be fresh spawns on the beach.

    I tested it for myself and logged off in the exact same spot that one of them did. The game killed me 43 minutes after disconnecting by suicide.

    Is it possible the map building area is bugged, and players building close are still considered at the monument and therefore are getting killed when the loot respawns? Kind of like what used to happen with players building near Abandoned Cabins.

    8:30 PM

    AlexaNightfire left the server

    9:13 PM

    AlexaNightfire was suicide by suicide

    Map position of death:



    Priority: High Server: Scourge

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    I suspect that when Giant Excavator was downsize last wipe by Facepunch the build zone was reduced with it however the monument zone that handles the kill while logged out in a monument was not.

    This might also explain some of the random deaths last month in that area.

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