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  • Production Reduced - Quarry

    Iggy Cotton
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    12 Hours Later.. I found Quarry with Zero production and the same amount of fuel I placed it it yesterday...  Removed fuel it continued to run,  stopped it manually ...  Then replaced fuel and restarted and it's producing product and consuming fuel.  Looks good for now... Be back in 12 hours. Also, Mats are slow to transfer from container to inventory ... Appearing not to move, but if you close container and reopen it moved to inventory and vice-versa... Real Laggy...

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    Well that was exciting.. Well, Nope not so much!  Items/Mats slow to transfer into inventory... Quarry, surprised me.. All working well!  Went to /shop and could not leave...hitting Exit took me back to the "Sell" screen over and over and over again. Finally quit game, came back out of shop screen.. but all my doors were open???  Auto-Door closers went on strike I guess.. Finally after manually working them they woke up and started working again.. HAVING FUN NOW!!!  No. Again.. not so much...🥺

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