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  • Pump Jack/ refinery bug?

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    I put 180 LG into my pump, it runs for 30 mins. I get 180 crude out of it. I put that 180 crude into a refinery, I get 540 LG back. ass intended.

    I put a pipe from the pump to the refinery, I get the same result. As intended.

     I put a pipe from gthe refinery back to the fuel tank on the pump, I run it for a half hr, witch uses the initail 180LG. I should have 540LG left in the fuel tank. 

    BUT! I have only 300 LG left in the fuel tank, a lose of 240LG, As intended to stop people from automating pumps and quarries? Or a BUG?

    All pipes are upgrade to armor. Pumps and refinery is 100% repair.

    Priority: Medium Server: Survival

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    Pipes "leak" if the flow rate is greater than the storage capacity of what it's being piped into. Using the splitter, you can limit the amount of stacks it'll split into on the source container.

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    No matter if I use one stack , two stacks, 3 stacks or 4 stacks the outcome is the same. I have use twig, wood, stone and HQ for the pipes. The numbers are exactly the same. The only stack limit that can be changed is the refinery. There is no option on the pump outlet or the pump fuel tank, mind you that is not going to be an issue unless either one is full, I believe.

    I am not complaining, I am just looking for other ideas, I have worked many hrs to figure this out and have tried every cobination that I can think of. Every time I lose 480LG/hr when piping back into the pump fuel tank

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    There is no system in place that would do this naturally but I know what you're referring to as I used to play with them a lot.

    The reality is, the plugin is old and the original author has abandoned it. I only update it to keep it functional and plan a complete rewrite sometime this year.

    I did find a solution to the leak but I can't recall as it's been quite a while since I've played on Survival.

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