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  • PumpJack issue

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    The previous wipe i had a lvl2 pumpjack. It feels like it made more lgf compared to my lvl3 pumpjack is making this wipe. 

    Priority: Medium Server: Survival

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    Other players have noticed the same issue with pumpjacks not producing same amount of lgf over time.  Previous wipe running lvl2 pumpjack over night would give like 30-40k lgf. 

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    Are you using pipes?

    I have noticed this too over the last few wipe but can't pin point the cause. I have watched pumpjacks consume, produce and send the fuel through pipes in the correct amount in any level. I have stood there watching this for a hour and no problem.
    However when I leave the area and come back hours later the amounts no longer add up, this is also the case when logging out and coming back after a long period of time. I have only experienced it with leveled pumpjacks and pipes.
    I'm currently still trying to test different scenarios over long periods to determine what's the underlining issue


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    I'm using  pipes. Does it matter which part of the pumpjack you upgrade?  It has upgrade option where fuel goes and where crude oil is.

    I tried replacing the pumpjack but it's still not making same amount of LGF over time.

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    The previous wipe, was that when pumpjacks and quarries went from max lvl 5 to max level 10? Could that have something to do with it.  The previous wipe i had my lvl2 before that change happened (i think).

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