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  • Pumpjacks not producing correct amounts

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    After seeing players complain about their level 10 pumpjacks not producing as much as previous wipes I thought I would look into as even I thought its wasn't producing right.

    So I got a level 10 and compaired it with a level 5 and you would expect that at the end of a period of time the level 10 will have double what the 5 produces. However this is not the case the level 5 is actually producing a little more faster than what the level 10 is. The more time that passes the bigger the difference is.
    eg. I would expect after a peroid of time a level 10 = 10k so a 5 = 5k but buy the time the level 10 reaches 10k then the level 5 has produces 6.5k

    This is the case for both running them with and without pipes

    EDIT: Everytime I pick up a pumpjack and replace it I get different results, sometimes in a 24 hour period it will produce 60k LGF other time little as 10K LGF. It is very inconsistant and with every day I get more and more complaints about it.


    Priority: High Server: Survival

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    I bought an additional level 5 pumpjack and set it up for infinite fuel. combined the resources with my level 10 PJ

    the level 10 and the level 5 cannot make enough fuel to support a level 10 quarry. 

    This is a serious issue - considering last wipe, a level 10 PJ made enough fuel to support 2 level 10s and itself. 


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    im also struggling with the pj, no where near the usual about of lowgrade that my lvl 10 usually produces. ive tried re-piping them, moving them and quarries but nothing is helping. Can this be looked at please, its making it hard to enjoy the game when im stressing about needing lowgrade.

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