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  • quarry disappeared....twice!

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    Hi! I recently got a quarry and had it upgrade to level 4/5 and suddenly when i logged back into the game, it was gone. all my LGF as well 😞

    Priority: Low Server: Survival

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    To see if this is a bug or help inquiry, let me ask this, 

    Did you have the quarry TC protected? Meaning, did you have a foundation ring with a TC on it, or did you place 2-4 TCs around the quarry to be sure it had 100% protection?

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    Hi Granny, my apologies but what is a foundation ring? i am guessing TC would be tools cabinet? unfortunately i didnt put any TC around my quarries as I thought the radius around the TC in my house is wide enough for it to be protected? 


    Hi Postanou, I had approx 25k LGF gone from my quarry and HQM approx 1.5K gone. 

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    Essentially this:



    The top being the foundation ring, and the bottom is just to do it  minimalist.

    When you place a quarry or a pumpjack, it's important to be sure that you have the whole  thing under tool cupboard protection. The simplest way is as I show above. Don't depend on your main base's building privilege to cover all  you deploy. Quarries especially have a big  area they cover, 13X13 foundations. So 1 TC is only enough  if you use a ring as I showed above. 

    I know it's a bit confusing, but if you ever aren't sure please, please reach out to your server's admin to check it over. 🙂

    I hope this helps a little. 🙂

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    Hi timkj83,

    The truth is both your quarries were stolen. As they were not protected by a TC, another player has come along, placed their own TC down, and yoinked your quarries with a salvaged hammer. I have dealt with the perpetrator (same player!), and put the quarries, along with 6k LGF in your inventory. That was all I could find. It's too close to wipe to do much else.

    But as Granny has explained, PLEASE protect your quarries, and anything else outside with TCs next wipe. It saves you much grief down the track.

    On a side note, you need to set up a jpipe from your refineries to remove charcoal as well, otherwise it stops working as there is no free slot for refined LGF.

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