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  • Quarry output unreliable (quantity)

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    US Scourge  In game name Jackets

    Quarry is at 8/10 at x-1580 z503

    When i logged on earlier today the quarry was full and stopped.  it had used 16496 LGF to get to that point. 

    When i just logged in it was stopped  maybe 6 hrs (not sure on exact time) it was less then half full but had used 13344 LGF  


    stuff was stacked up but not showing the correct amounts just saying 10k a sack 

    Roughly 16 squares was like 72 stacks.... (I did not keep track)   




    I don't care about the resources but its odd behavior. Can output stacking reflect the number of levels?

    where Level 1 holds X, Level 2 is double that and so on. same as if they were placed each on its own.  As it works now i'd be better off placing 8 quarry's  as it would yield better and not be stopped 6hrs later. (I Wouldn't place that many, but some might)

    I like the idea, its working great with the Pumps, simple and should clean up the map. Although now that pumps stack maybe a limit to force players to stack them. 


    Seems i rambled some, none the less thanks for great place to play


    Priority: Low Server: Scourge

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