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  • Random Bugged Doors.

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    Logged into EU Survival earlier today to find that two of my double doors wouldn't open, Initially thought it was just lag but everything else was fine. (Doors were on sperate buildings with their own TC's)

    Found I could interact with them like normal holding E key, I managed to unlock the doors and then remove the locks completely but still no luck opening them. I tried to pick up with a wooden hammer, followed by hitting the door with a salvaged hammer and they just wouldn't disappear. The only way i could get around this was to hit the door frame with the salvaged hammer but ended up loosing the door, closer and lock all attached.

    Once doors were replaced it was fine again, no other issues since.

    This also occurred at a team mates base (griffin) a few days prior as i TP'd over and couldn't get out and was really confused. He found he had to do the same and smack the door frame with a salvaged hammer to remove everything.

    Its not a huge problem, not sure if any other players have had same issues and just wanted to report it. 


    Priority: Low Server: Survival

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    This is similar to an issue that I've been having intermittently. I build farm bases, and these usually have up to 200 large planter boxes. Towards the end of wipe, I sometimes find I can't interact with one or more of them. Trying to pick up the planter doesn't work, and trying to interact with the planter's inventory gives an error with a six digit item code.

    So this wipe (just about 20 minutes ago) I was demolishing a rather large farm base, and as usual I couldn't pick one of the planters up. This was solved by removing the foundation. I lost the planter, but don't care. Crucially though, and the reason for this reply, is that one of my Water Pumps also had this issue. I couldn't use the salvaged hammer to pick it up. The Admin for the server (Pickles) was able to remove the Water Pump, and observed that it wasn't owned by anyone. He had to use 'Admin tricks' (lol) to destroy the pump, and when he did, it gave him a message of some kind that said I had been the one who deployed it.

    So I'm thinking these issues are related. Your doors and my planters and pumps lost their ownership in the owner system unique to the servers, and couldn't be interacted with. But your locks were still yours, so you could remove them fine. The doors wouldn't open because they technically weren't your doors anymore.

    I was going to make a post about the issue in case it was an error that could be fixed. Hopefully Admin can see this and have some insight on what the issue might be. But it seems to have something to do with ownership of the deployables being lost for some reason. And it happened for the last few wipes so is likely unrelated to other issues the servers have been experiencing related to ID's being used up by the Industrial pipes system.

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