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  • Random deaths and despawn of items during disconnect or exiting game

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    Eu Pure.

    So, last night i lost two full inventories of stuff. Was running the roads, farming, was disconnected and came back to deathscreen (once said :death by Hafgrimr, second time i don't remember). Both times i logged back in within 5 minutes of being disconnected. First time i found an empty bodybag, with only the tool i had been using lying next to me in the grass. Second time there was a body, and the tool i had been using on the ground. Both times the body and bag were empty.

    Today a player (Silv) reached out to me. He logged off inside his base, came back 1,5 hours later to a deathscreen (no reason to cause of death). No bodybag, no body, every single item on him gone. Logs show no death.

    20:07 7586398[7586398] was killed by Silv[76561197976169301]

    20:32 Silv left the server

    21:53 Silv joined the server

    21:53 Silv[76561197976169301] has spawned

    Priority: High Server: Pure

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