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  • Randomly teleported across the map.

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    I was at my base, top right of T3 on US-Scourge. I was using the recycer, and hit alt-z to access my Nvidia control panel. Then tabbed over to my file explorer to manage a recording. I heard the underwater sound affect, that sounds like when you get your head above water, the sound it makes when you spawn in. I tabbed back over to Rust, and I'm standing on the beach, fully geared, surrounded by "naked" fresh spawn players sleeping on the ground, bottom of the map, top right of N27.

    Unfortunately, I just stopped my recording right before it happened. IDK how I got there. Meatvirus, the only admin online at the time said he didn't teleport me. Maybe I triggered some hidden key combination when I was messing with the Nvidia overlay or something.

    Anyways, I don't need any support with this. I put my stuff in my backpack, f1 killed, and respawned at my base. I'm just reporting the possible bug.



    Priority: Low Server: Scourge

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