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  • refineries and furnaces fuel consumption

    • 11.25.19 Released

    So I know this is still a work in progress and VIP dont need to use fuel (unless we want charcoal anyway);  but it seems to arbitrarily decide if you use wood (if you have it in your inventory).  One of a few things will happen..  A.  No wood at all gets put in.  B. Presumably the correct amount of wood gets put in.  C.  Double the correct amount of wood gets put in. and D. when trying to fix this (by shoving stuff in and taking stuff out, etc. it gives you your wood back but seperates the stack leaving exactly 1 wood out of the main stack. (very odd that last one).  Anway... low priority.


    ++ Sharla

    Priority: Low Server: Scourge

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    update : the 1 wood i mentioned isn't actually there ; its apparently a placeholder for something but shows up in your inventory,  when you try to recombine it with another non full stack , the 1 pseudo wood disappears and your new stack does NOT increase by 1. 

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    Confirmed ; everything appears to be working ; the fix in question just simply allows you to set whatever you like for the type of furnace/refinery you are doing.  It's simple and elegant, no fuss with weird fuel requirements or imposed limitations.  Now it just does what you tell it it; I LIKE IT!

    Thanks again Death.



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