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  • Resource Vending machine possible Bug.

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    EU Scourge


    II think there’s a bug. What I have done for years  was to take a full inventory of stone. Covert it into a stack of say 1.8m wood. Then you fill your inv back up with stone again and do it again. Now you’ve got 2 piles of 1.8m wood. So you then turn both those into a pile of like 500k stone and then back into one pile of 3.6m wood. But this morning I traded 1.8m wood into stone along with the other stone I had and when I went to trade it back into wood there was only 13k wood left in the machine! So either it’s bugged the machine out or when you trade back and forth it’s not putting what you've traded back in the machine. 

    Easy to test this theory. Put a second machine down somewhere and take 1m wood and keep trading it back and forth and see if the machine runs out of wood. Pretty simple. If that’s the case then consolidating big stacks needs to be stopped

    Priority: Low Server: Scourge

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