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  • revive bug ?

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    Died to Bradley, when i revived myself 2 items were missing that i was wearing  (wolf headdress and parachute) they were beside be in a seperate bag on the floor when i revived myself. not sure if this is a bug ..

    Priority: Low Server: Survival

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    Also had a report on EU scourge, done some testing and it appears to be related to the randomisation of  equipped items when reviving. If the parachute is not moved when reviving then there is no backpack dropped but if the parachute attempts to move to another slot then the parachute and 1 other piece of gear is dropped into a backpack. 

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    Giving this a bump as imo it's more important now. While it was annoying with parachutes, they were a gimmick that most people stopped wearing within weeks, however now we have vanilla backpacks replacing the old virtual backpack system this is even more prevalent, especially with being able to equip 2 backpacks. 
    Quite often when reviving a piece of clothing is dropping as it's replaced by the backpack when the items are moved around.

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