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  • Scrap getting spit out the back of a machine if player is buying more than 10,000 scrap worth of items

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    Bug tested and confirmed on US Scourge. Two players reported that their low grade fuel machines were empty; no fuel and no scrap. They had been leaving one slot free, with just some scrap inside it.

    In the past, if a player bought multiple items from a shop (above 10K worth) the items would fill into the slots, and would not overflow.
    Now, if a player buys more than 10K scrap worth of items, and every slot is filled, the scrap does NOT stack into the existing scrap slot. Rather, it all pours out the back in a single stack.

    Video below shows the bug.

    Priority: Medium Server: Scourge

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    Hi. I am one of the people who have had this happen to me on at least two occasions. Both times it triggered it seems was when like Alexa said, someone was making a very large purchase of LGF from my LGF Store at HQM Quarry(When they buy my whole stock I wasn't being paid. This happened around 2 or 3 times in total where I was left confused wondering if I had looted the scrap already before realizing what was happening and then reporting it to Alexa. This bug caused me to lose estimated between 50-60k Scrap in total. I am not mad about the loss of Scrap as my Customers still received their products they purchased and that was what was most valuable to me, making sure they got their products. The people who I discovered that bought from me all told me they bought large quantities that also exceeded 10k in scrap. I guess I missed the windows being offline of finding it laying in my Vending Machine Building Floor, as one of the people said he had bought a mere 20 minutes before I inquired about if anybody had bought my fuel. At first I thought someone had somehow gotten TC Access and was emptying my Vending Machine somehow, so I purged the list, changed the codes and everything. Then it happened again and this was the time where I found the individual in chat who informed me he bought 20 minutes prior. I then started looking at my Vending Machine seeing if there was any loopholes in the items I was offering and buying to allow people to con me out of all of goods. Once I realized my business setup was solid with no flaws and it happened again, I was confused fully, so I inquired to Alexa and well here we are.

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    I can confirm I just tested this with AmanhasnoJ who was affected last night. Tested again, bought 11k went right to floor per video. Then did 9k deposited fine per normal, and it was fine. Not that you need more examples, just fyi.



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    Out of interest you can see similar behaviour with the player inventory - if you have a full inventory and try to swap an item of clothing, the item being unequipped doesn't take the inventory slot vacated by the equipped item - it tries to find an additional empty slot then fails and falls to the ground.

    Maybe this is about how FP coded container slot management rather than a bug with vending machines per se?

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    I've actually looked back through many of the reports of this since it re-occurred and have found a common trend in a lot of the video evidence, in most cases the vending machine had sufficient space to receive full payment but the payment was being made with stacks greater than stack limit and in these cases where the payment was greater than stack limit in the buyers inventory (eg selling hqm to bandit to get a stack greater than stack limit then using the scrap to buy something) the scrap would fall out onto the floor regardless of the available space in the vending machine.

    Seems like this would be tied to containers not being able to accept stacks greater than stack limit after the mega stack nerf.


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