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  • Seems like everything I did has been rolled back 1 day

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    I completely stocked my pickle farm for the first time yesterday 7/8, and began to set up a hemp farm in my base in the bottom left corner of T4 (US)Scourge. I set up 2 pumps, 2 water purifiers, 16 large seed beds, and 6 sprinklers for it. I also set up 3 vending machines in the open door frames that stayed, but the vending machines didn't.


    Everything that was built with a building plan and hammer stayed, but it seems that anything that I placed has been rolled back and removed. This includes all pickles (i think 31k pickles) have disappeared from my composters. I checked everything this morning 7/9 and found out.

    Priority: High Server: Scourge

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    On going thru everything in my base, it looks like a new player that I took in to duo with me scammazed me. If an admin can just confirm that would be helpful.

    If I was scammed, i'll just rebuild. the cost of helping ppl 🙂

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    Hello there, 
    I am looking into this for you, and will follow up with you one-on-one. Just for future reference, this is the Bug Reports area, and is more suited for reporting server/game bugs that affect multiple players. For scenarios like the one described above, your best bet is to file an individual help request at https://rustez.com/help/ instead so that we can follow up with you. 🙂


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