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  • Self-healing building parts?

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    BUG  #1 - I used a single (and my only) C4 explosive to help remove a mistake made out of stone. The C4 explosive took it down to 215/500 or something like that. I started using a Pickaxe and got it down to 200/500. It was very slow and broke (2) x Pickaxes. I decided to take a break from it to collect resources. Later when I returned  - maybe an hour or so and it was back to 500/500. I appreciate the lack of decay but self-healing is unacceptable. I've always repaired things that were damaged.

    BUG #2 - As of today I noticed that I am unable to chat in Global.

    Thomus (VIP)
    Survival (US)

    Priority: High Server: Survival

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    When resources exist in the tool cupboard (TC) prior to the base taking damage, the damaged portions will utilize the materials to self-repair. In the future should you wish to fix a building mistake, simply equip the Salvaged Hammer tool in-game and use it on the part of the build you want to fix (i.e. wall or foundation). The piece of the structure you hit will be removed.


    • Launch Rust
    • From the left-hand menu select "Options" and verify the following:
      - Options> Streamer Mode: Off
      - User Interface > Show Hud: ON, Show Chat: On, Mute Global Chat: Off, Auto-Switch: Off

    If you still have issues with using chat after verifying these settings, let us know.

    #3 Use the Salvaged Hammer to pick up the pool (unlike building pieces that are removed, placed items hit with a salvaged hammer will return to your inventory). Upgrade and then place the  pool on the newly upgraded foundations.

    Should you have any further questions about our server mods or general Rust game options, please use our website forums or Discord. There is also a handy dandy server FAQ and you can type /help on the server for answers to commonly asked questions.

    Good luck!

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