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  • Serious Issue with Sleepers on US-Scourge

    • 8.1.19 Released

    There appears to be some kind of a bug with the sleepers on US Scourge that are resting in the "Homeless Shelter" just north of Dome. I can't find anything that would cause these issues.

    • When RepeatPete ports new sleepers to the shelter, they all visually glitch out for a few seconds until the new sleeper is ported over.
    • Jack and Mack have reported similar issues -- when they port sleepers to that location the homeless shelter build glitches out, leaving all the sleepers on the ground, exposed to the in-game elements for a brief amount of time.
    • When the sleeper glitch happens, players with bases near the shelter complain that Zombie sounds are amplified to the point it drowns out all other in-game sound.

    I have no clue what's causing it, but it only happens in this part of the map and this is the location we plan to hold our Wipe Day Party server event on Thursday.

    Edited by Aurora

    Priority: High Server: Scourge

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