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  • Server /info not correct for Scourge, confuses new players (not a bug, just incorrect info)

    • 3.3.22 Released

    Not really a bug, just that server /info not correct for Scourge, confuses new players.

    Server information is a bit out of date and confuses new players on Scourge. Just had a new player to server ask about Quarries, Pumpjacks and fishing (more so about quarries and pumpjacks).
    Quarries info is specific to Survival.
    Fishing info no longer relevant.
    Pumpjack info much needed, explaining that by being a purchasable item, they are a way to support the running of the server - maintenance, hosting fees and other ongoing costs.
    Personal Quarries would actually be good on Scourge, either as purchasable items like Pumpjacks or as expensive net worth items, as there are players that monopolise the giant excavator, literally for days... then complain very loudly or verbally harass other players that also use it for extended times.


    Priority: Low Server: Scourge

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