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  • server lags, buttons break and console is scrolling fast

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    server lags, things appear broken, and EVERYONE's console is scrolling rapidly.  It feels like something is in an infinite loop, the server's crashing , or something is trying to use a resource that is locked and its trying infinitely to use it . (permissions or something maybe) .  Visual things like furnaces restart smoking and you dont see the fire while this is happening; other things like the use key doesnt work during this time.  If i could take a video (in the time given) , i would have.  But imagine this scrolling so fast you have to screenshot just to be able to read it (see attached picture); this picture was scrolling for 5 minutes+ solid

    scrolling forever and ever and ever (well for 5 minutes at least anyway).JPG

    Priority: Low Server: Scourge

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    No issues on our end. This is likely caused by an in-game event that triggered this phenomenon that may have caused client performance issues.

    The error above is client-side so I'm not able to see the container it is in. I have seen similar issues when a personal helicopter despawns and I do see a ticket around the same time.

    TL;DR Helicopter despawning may have caused client errors to players within a radius of it. None of which effected server stability.

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