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  • Share box bug

    • 3.27.19 Released

    Issue: Accessing boxed placed by player with code lock on it causes player attempting to open the large crate to have the share gui show on screen and will not be able to access any "e" action object crates, doors etc... 

    Reproduced Method: Me and Aurora both tried to access the crates placed by each other with locked code locks while not vanished and the share gui would show on screen and we were unable to access any open able object.

    Temp Fix: With share Gui on screen all the time if we opened out /backpacks the gui reset and we are able to access objects. 

    Notes: In vanish the issue does NOT happen and works as intended. Players are starting to report similar issues with backpack fix working to restore functionality to objects. 

    Priority: High Server: Scourge

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