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  • /Shop force DC on steam and rust

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    So i have been reporting this alot now, when ever i open /shop, it would take its time to load and during that time, it would force disconnect from steam, rust and my browser but discord is still working, kinda weird. Im using LAN connection. 

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    I'm not able to find any issues on our end and based on the information given, this sounds like a local network issue.

    I've had similar issues in the past where my internet would go out but I could still use VoIP services. It turned out to be a bad/failing modem. Contact your ISP, if it persists swap out your equipment.

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    sorry for that, no i did not receive any red text, it just straight out force my steam to disconnect along with rust and my browser, this is because its loading the images, if the images are fully loaded then its no problem, but if its loading the images, thats when it happens  

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    That definitely sounds network related. I would contact your ISP to have them run signal and line tests. If they don't find any problems request a new modem.

    If you use your own equipment I would replace your existing modem. If that is not the issue you can always return the new modem, if applicable.

    PS: I went a full year with the issue you're describing. If I used too much bandwidth the internet would just cut out until I restarted my PC and the modem. I layed new cat6 and replace the router with no success. It turned out to be the modem.

    Hope this helps!

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    will try it... but the thing is, its works sometimes, if i leave it alone it will load up but most of the time it would not. My internet speed is 20mbps. will try it out and see, just wanna sell my lgf xd

    thanks for the advice 

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    • Staff

    Images are cached in memory during your session. So the first time you open the store it's downloading the images and storing in memory. That's why it loads the second time around.

    As long as you stay connected those images will remain in memory. Even with 20Mbps you shouldn't have any issues downloading these images as most of them are kbs.

    If it's not your modem, which I think it is, I can add a special command you can run after logging in to queue all the images we use in batches and download them to your client slowly over time. This should eliminate your issue. Though, finding the source would be beneficial for you going forward.

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