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  • Showing as dead. Everything I respawn my corpse is attached to my player character.

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    My legs were hanging through a,wall when I logged off. 1st time I ever did this. Anyways zombie killed me . Then when I logged back on woke up on the beach . Teleported to my base were I had been killed. My dead body also was there upon teleporting,  it then attached to me and has not gone aways for 2 days . I cant use incase chat now and headlamps only work on the dead body I carry. The game is becomming unplayable to be honest. Im farming at the moment and thats a struggle


    Priority: High Server: Scourge

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    Hi SHANE,

    Thanks for logging a bug report on this matter.

    Can you please try the following steps:

    1. Quit Rust (if it's open)
    2. Open your Steam Library
    3. Right-Click on Rust on the left edge
    4. Select Manage > Browse Local Files
      (this should open a File Explorer window of your Rust folder)
    5. Alt-Tab back to your Steam Library
    6. Right-Click on Rust on the left edge
    7. Select Manage > Uninstall
    8. Click the Uninstall button
    9. Alt-Tab back to the File Explorer window once the Uninstallation completes
    10. Select all files remaining in the folder by pressing Ctrl + A
    11. Then delete all files permanently by pressing Shift + Delete
    12. Re-install the game from Steam once the folder is cleared

    Let us know how you go with the above.

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    Fixed = The issue has been fixed and the resolution will be available in the next version.

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