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  • Sign Art Plugin Broke

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    The sign art plug in doesnt work for me.  I've used the plugin before & used these URLs too. The build I'm doing is a regular fave of mine.

    The issue goes like this; 

    1. I copy the URL into my clipboard using Ctrl + C or manual click Copy & Paste

    2. Standing looking at my sign i type into global chat  this;   /sil 'http://rustygarter'   

    3. Using Ctrl + V  to paste the URL inside quotation marks as I always have done, and nothing pastes.

    I'm using Imgur & tried Snaggy Uploads as well, still nothing. Both have worked fine for me before

    I tried typing the URL manually & nothing happens.

    I tried typing [RAW] after the URL and nothing happens

    Admin Aurora came to help out & was just as confused as me. Her SignArt worked fine on the sign I was trying.

    Next gona have a regular player try on my sign with my image. Perhaps Aurora was ok with Admin Privs 

    I'll reply here as soon as I find anything new

    Here is the URL below, with only [  jpg  ] missing from the end to prevent it uploading

    https://snipboard.io/dLUkVN. ( add jpg after the dot here & the image uploads from the URL link

    Below is an the image I'm missing the most. Its front & centre of my RP build  🙂



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    Hello there @Greenfox,

    I think the issue is that you are adding quotations. This is not necessary and prevents the plugin from pasting correctly.

    I just pasted that exact image to the XL sign in  your base with no issues.

    This is what I typed, while looking directly at the centre of the sign: 

    /sil https://snipboard.io/dLUkVN .jpg 

    (minus the space between the N and the .jpg)

    Try this and let me know if it works!

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    Hi there Alexa,

    Having just seen your ign here I remember now it wasn't Aurora who helped out, it was you! Thankyou!

    And thanks for having another crack at it. I'll log in now try your solution.

    If not its no problem as nearly end of wipe anyways. If SignArt's fixed in time for next wipe happy days.

    Sure I can find some mischief to amuse myself with in the meantime  🙃

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     @alexanightfire @Granny

    Hey people, thanks for having a look into this so fast. I think I've maybe found the issue and it's my side. Just by chance I was helping a mate out on another server & thought I'd try the Sign-Artist plugin there. Same issue.  😟

    So I jumped around to another few servers and I get the same thing. The Sign-Artist plugin fails to register or respond to any of my input commands. The only thing it could possibly be is I'm using NvidiaGeforce NOW,  a game cloud streaming service. Nvidia  acts like a 'middle man' link between client and host, and I think this is causing the plugin not to receive input from my side. Which is odd because all other plugins work ok for me.

    I'm not a tech person though and I'm new to this Nvidia service, so maybe an admin can look at this when they have time? I'm not looking to use SignArt at all now for rest of this wipe, so no rush or worry from me 👍

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    1 minute ago, Greenfox said:

      The only thing it could possibly be is I'm using NvidiaGeforce NOW,  a game cloud streaming service.

    I use GeForce Now, and the plugin works fine for me. 
    Are you absolutely sure that this is exactly what you are typing in chat?

    /sil https://snipboard.io/dLUkVN.jpg 

    Tried and tested last night, using GeForce Now, and it worked, no problem

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