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  • Sleeping near monument, auto-death radius appears to stretch too far

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    Noticed on US Survival. Built drop-off base right outside the no-build zone for GE. When you go to sleep in the base, you log in to death screen. Figured this might be an issue that persists across wipes if both zones consistently spawn the same way and don't overlap perfectly

    Priority: Low Server: Survival

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    This has been an issue ever since FP made the GE monument smaller back in December 2021, the build block radius and sleeper kill radius are not the same size any more and as you've discovered the hard way it can cause you to die in base. 
    We try to recommend players build slightly further away from it or if they are already established once finding out we'd either advise making a small hut to log out in or making sure to log out with a clear inventory so at least you don't lose any items.

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