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  • sync pipes and a large furnace

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    I've noticed the last couple wipes that the furnace I have set up to smelt my Sulphur ore freezes and will not smelt even with the sync pipes set to AutoStart you have to manually look inside the furnace for it to kick on when it gets stuck. seems to only be the Sulphur   for me the metal frags and high quality run fine. if it were just me I would think I set it wrong but my friend is experiencing the same thing. this is on AU Survival

    Priority: Low Server: Survival

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    I've noticed the same thing with normal furnaces and refineries - sporadically, they refuse to autostart and have to be manually poked.

    I wonder if the problem is that they don't interact properly with the VIP 'no fuel for furnaces' perk, but in that case I'm not sure why autostart works sometimes and not others.

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    *sighs* another day logged in to empty boxes due to the Sulphur not cooking properly in furnaces. you know if you're going to charge us good money for the pumpjacks to be able to support those quarries at least fix where the bread and butter comes from i would think. remove it from the game  i would rather struggle to get resources the hard way than spending my hard-earned money to something that is broke. i know you folks are busy i completely understand this but things that bring you revenue should take a bit of a higher priority. I would think. anyway, done with rant thank you for all that you do but fix it or take it out already feels bad man!!

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