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  • Teleport related deaths

    • 9.23.22 Released

    If you teleport from a monument back to your base or to another place that should be safe to log at and don't stand up before you log out it seems the game thinks you are still at a monument and player logs back in dead. We've had 2 reports of this happening now. TerminalJunker & Maddax Mcloud on US Survival. Both have lost their inventories and woke up on beach. Seems that the backpacks have been saved.

    Can currently be avoided by just standing up before logging out, but Maddax Mcloud was unable to do so and thought he was locked up so restarted.

    Priority: High Server: Survival

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    There's been another instance of this happening. In all cases it appears the players have teleported home from a safe zone and not stood up, leading me to believe the safe zone status is not being removed until the player stands up.
    This is much like teleporting a sleeper out of a safe zone if they ask to be moved on discord, 20 minutes after they disconnect the server deletes their player. In the cases of teleporting, it's 20 minutes after they teleport as they still have the safe zone status, this also causes their client to disconnect when their player is deleted.


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    have another player to add to the list...  see hidden info below.  Player logged out at 7:34PM Central time and back in at 9:45 PM Central time on US Scourge.

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