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  • Teleported, logged out, but died at original spot.

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    I was on for a few hours on and off today, earlier today I killed bradley on EU Scourge.  I TPd back to base then logged out after arriving.  When I logged back in a few minutes ago (was offlien for a few hours) I was told I had died to bradley.  I've lost 2x Rocket Launchers, M249 with holo sight, muzzle break and flashnight, about 200 5.56 ammo and about 4 or 5 HV rockets, can't say for sure I usually take 10-12 rockets and it's 7 to kill bradley.

    I'm not fussed about the rockets or ammo but would be nice if I could get the m2 and a rocket launcher back I can just re-craft the rest.

    Is it possible to add a cool down so you can't log out after TP for maybe 20 seconds or something, obviously something went wrong with the TP and the game didn't think it actually happened and left me standing out in the open at launch.



    Priority: Low Server: Scourge

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    Managed to get a new rocket launcher (borrowed one to research).  Don't worry if you can't verfiy it to give me the M2 back, I'll just have to keep trying until I get another one.  Just thought it might be worth looking into though in case it happens to other people.

    Also, thanks for a great set of servers, having a blast :)

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