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  • Timed out on the Cargoship twice EU Pure

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    So, I've been doing the Cargoship and for the second time today I got timed out.

    Upon logging right back in, my avatar was moving all around the world map without stopping.

    I tried to go vanish, visible and back to vanish and was still going around the map. I eventually dumped all my stuff and gear on my teammate and tried the F1 kill command.

    Upon restarting the game and logging back in, my avatar was still going around the map.

    I eventually managed to mount on a boat that was adrift and the going all around the map stopped until I dismounted the boat.

    I than managed to mount on a horse and rode around for a bit. I dismounted and again, was going all over the map and jumped back on the horse.

    When the cargoship finally despawned, everything came back to normal.

    Priority: Low Server: Pure

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    Just happened again, right at the spawn of the third locked crate.

    I was doing it with without god mode and was not in noclip.

    I got timed out again, and upon reconnecting, my avatar was circling the map in a similar pattern as the cargoship and it won't stop until the cargoship was gone.

    Next Cargoship I will try to videorecord.

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