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  • US - Casual - players unable to flag/unflag

    • 7.25.19 Released

    players are having issues with flagging/unflagging for pvp. The game says they cannot flag while in a monument pvp zone even though they are in their bases or nowhere near anything that is considered a monument. Players that have experienced this are Powderdtoast, Saltyaf, johnbooth1423, and one other player that I forget the name of. This issue seems to persist even after death and after relogging out. Unsure if it is a game event that is causing it or if it is an event when players buy mass drops/air raids from our store.


    6:42 PM]SaltyAF:@(US) Casual i still cant unflag. still says i cant toggle pvp while in a monument. if im a monument then people need to get flagged when they come within 500ft of me.

    6:34 PM]SaltyAF:@(US) Casual i cant unflag. no matter where i am it says "you can not toggle pvp while in a monument"

    10:39 AM]powderdtoast:@(US) Casual im not in a monument - trying to flag pvp while farming. i get a message saying "you cannot toggle pvp while in a monument." was in I5 for ref.

    Priority: High Server: surge

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