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  • (US) Scourge - Unmovable Items after Restart

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    After server restart on US Scourge, I tried to remove scrap from one of my boxes. 40K would not move from this box in random squares.
    Reported to admins on discord, but it didn't seem like any were active and this is kinda my only time I get to play, so I try to destroy the box, pick it up after the fact.

    Box destroys no problem, scrap doesn't appear in the loot but had 4 squares of loot that should've been there. All 40K scrap fell onto the ground and cannot be picked up. Screenshot included:


    Priority: High Server: Scourge

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    Ok after logging into and seeing this for myself I can confirm it was an issue however we can not replicate it anymore. This could be a one off from an update or server crash/restart, so will continue to monitor it.

    To confirm events leading up to this;
    - 20K HQM traded at bandit to get 40K scrap
    - Scrap came into inventory as 2 x 20k~ stacks
    - Scrap was moved in invetory to get normal 10k stacks
    - 4 x 10k stacks of scrap moved into large box
    - player logged out
    - player logged in after hours away
    - player tried to remove scrap from large box but could not
    - player used slavage hammer on large box
    - satchel was left on ground with 4 blank slots and 4 x scrap piles onto floor
    - scrap piles were not able to be interacted with
    - scrap despawned of normal time frame

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