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  • US Survival - Pipes randomly stop working

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    Received many reports today about Pipes that have randomly stopped working. They will be working for awhile throughout the day and then randomly stop moving materials until the pipe/box is destroyed and then re-piped. Can take multiple attempts until materials will start moving again. Wanted to make a bug report on this since it's starting to happen more frequently to people.

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    Thank you for posting this, will follow.  I have been experiencing everything you mentioned above.  I initially set my pumpjacks and quarries like past wipes, but I upgraded to a level 20 pumpjack.  The pipes wouldn't work at all with that level, I broke it down and was thinking to replace it as two level ten pumpjacks like in the past.  I was able to get one pumpjack going with a loop and connected to a single furnace to smelt (See information about the furnace connection issues below.) But I continually had problems with individual pipes stopping and I could find no reason for some pipes to flow and some not.  Furnaces are also working differently and the only way I could get a flow to them was not having anything selected in the pipe filter, which meant all materials were flowing into the same furnace. This was fine it meant only one furnace needed.  I could get pipes to empty cooked materials out of the furnace through filtered pipes to sort into individual boxes.

    I came back on this evening and could see that the pumpjack had worked for a while, but the refineries had turned off because the low-grade fuel had stopped flowing out and they were clogged, therefore the quarry had also stopped producing.  I hope this helps.

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