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  • Vanishing Wind Turbines

    TimNerd2 [φ]
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    Hi staff,

    Just wanted to discuss a bug i cam across today which was very strange. After claiming my /vip daily airdrop, the container landed on the roof right next to my wind turbine. I am talking within a grid square. Once i finished looting the container, and the container disappears like usual, the wind turbine also destroyed itself as if you whacked it with a salvaged hammer. This was in sync with the container vanishing and no item was added to my inventory. Unfortunately i do not have a recording of the issue, it was unexpected. 

    This was on AU Survival at around 16:40 AEST in grid square U18 (Just figure anything to help look through any logs or data is important).

    If you require anymore detail please feel free to message me on discord and ill see what i can do.




    Priority: Medium Server: Survival

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    This might be a Facepunch bug as I can replicate a similar issue with ladders on a test server. I use this bug to place ladders up a tower then update the bottom one and they all get destroyed like a domino effect.

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    I've tried to replicate this issue with no success. I believe this might be the generic socket issue Rust has always had. If this happens again, please reply to this bug report with as much information as possible to help me reproduce the bug.

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