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    2 Vending machines not functioning properly. Not overstocked, prices are correct, plenty of room for the exchange to happen, machines not shared, and access to open at the back blocked by a locked garage door. Logged on to one machine completely empty, the other with its original inventory gone but only ~1/3 the scrap that would have corresponded with the pricing.

    I'm at a loss to explain besides a bug - don't care about the scrap, but figured was worth reporting for anybody else

    Priority: Low Server: Survival

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    I am having the same issue with LGF vanishing from my middle vending machine at my main house in X13 on [US] RustEZ Survival PvE (ezProc_Survival_PvE_MAR3). I lost 4 stacks of LGF Fuel I had put in maybe a couple hours ago. No scrap in the machine, and the slots the fuel was in are empty. Plenty of room in the vending machine, not shared, behind locked door. I don't believe my teammates took it because they know where the main stash is and have not been online. Plus they also have excess of fuel at their own bases.

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    Hi guys, this has been an on going issue for a while now and the only way to avoid it is to limit the amount of stock you put into the vending machines or reduce the price so that someone can not make a purchase with a scrap value over stack limit. 
    If someone has a stack of say 19k scrap from selling hqm to bandit and makes a purchase over 10k then the vending machine doesn't accept the scrap and it gets dropped on the floor. 
    Here's another report with a video too showing issue.


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    There is one issue with that. I didn't even have my vending machine half full (slot wise) and the LGF that went missing was priced at 150 scrap for 500 LGF. The only way it might have glitched is if someone bought all 4 stacks of LGF at one time which would have been 12,000 scrap. Even though there would have been more than enough room for the scrap in the vending machine it would have been above the 10K stack limit for scrap. That is the only thing I can think might have happened.

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    If you watch my video in the report I linked above you can see the issue is caused by the amount of scrap in the stack in the buyers inventory, the amount of available space in the vending machine is irrelevant, if the buyer has a stack over stack limit and makes a purchase for over stack limit then the scrap will drop on to the floor. Someone buying out all your LGF to run quarries/buy diesel/sell for networth would not be uncommon as it's a direct increase in networth gained and there's plenty of players with more than enough scrap to do so.

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