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  • VIP recycler eating loot

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    Twice today on US Scourge my VIP I've been chucking stuff into my recycler while it's running and it's disappeared, then the stuff already in there sequentially disappears too, reminiscent of how I recall it being early last wipe. Definitely didn't go into my inventory. Also the state of the go button is still occationally glitchy, I'll pay attention to how to report that later.

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    Probably relevant, my ping is always around 250 because the Pacific is big. The go button is sometimes red when it's off and green when it's on, probably desynch from opening and closing it before a message can make the round trip and the client is no longer listening.

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    Have concluded the recycler is either mixing up people's loot, or garbling the indexes of items. I opened it now and in the INPUT contained 760 scrap, which promptly disappeared, then 5 incendiary rockets which quickly did the same. Then I correctly managed to recycle a guitar.

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    Just learned that TK lost some incendiary rockets at the same time that I briefly saw them, perhaps either they were made available to a lot of people and someone took them, or they disappeared into the void when they got shown to me.

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    I can now say that I have experienced the recycler bug. Less than ten minutes ago I went to recycle a flame turret and I opened the /rec on chat as per usual. Someone's thompson popped in. They grabbed their loot from recycling it before I could snapshot it. However, I did snapshot the red code it popped on my screen. This happened on US Scourge.


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