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  • Wall of red text spam

    • 7.31.21 Released

    For the last week or so I've been getting a wall of red error text when I'm near laser lights or dance floors that are recieveing an audio in signal from a booxbox (tested various setups to see what would cause the errors at my base, does not cause an error if a dance floor or laser light is recieving a power in rather than an audio in) and I've encourtered the error a couple of times while just out and about around the map and even 1 time with no bases nearby.

    I changed no settings in my client since the start of wipe to cause this, I've verified integrity of game files, issue persisted. I've reinstalled rust, issue persisted. I've even clean installed rust by uninstalling via steam and deleting the rust folder from the steam directory before reinstalling and still have this issue, the clean install was performed on the 17th of July.




    Priority: Low Server: Scourge

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    Noticed you can't read the red text on my screen due to poor quality so copied from the output_log.

    C:\buildslave\unity\build\Modules/Audio/Public/AudioSource.cpp(2134) : Error executing m_dryGroup->getWaveData(samples, numSamples, channelOffset) (An invalid parameter was passed to this function. )

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    Hi, I just wanted to share that I'm getting the same red writing. I've verified my game files many times and reinstalling my game seems to only fix it for a day then it pops back up. I'm sure its something that Facepunch needs to fix on their side of things but wanted to share so you know you're not alone.


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    I made a support ticket on the facepunch website a couple of days ago and have had the following response. 
    "-Go to "device manager" on Windows and update all audio drivers. 
    -Go to your Windows sound settings through control panel and disable all playback devices you're not using"
    Drivers were all up to date, disabled a couple of playback devices that were not being used like my monitor and this has fixed the issue.

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