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    I have a 3 mod water tanker on a lift in the back yard, attached to Large Water Catcher and a water pump>splitter>sprinkler system. Occasionally, though I have not been tracking time-frames, two IN/OUT connections disappear. As of today, the server restart was 12 hours ago. I had to reconnect at the restart, and just now I noticed then reconnected. Maybe worth mentioning, this is the only water lines that do this. I have small water catchers and pumps to sprinklers in the main base and they have never disappeared. Maybe something to do with the Tanker and lift, or Large Water Catcher, as those are the only differences in setups! This isn't a big deal really, I'm including some pics, and I could definitely just delete the tanker out of the equation but I was roleplaying and having fun with a new game. Stubz' Carwash might need water deliveries as well so I like to do what I can for small business owners like myself. TLDR: ❤️



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    to clarify: The 'two connections' are the IN and OUT on the tanker. It wasn't always in the backyard, it was also on a lift inside the base and the hose was doing the same thing. disappearing off the truck.

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