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  • Water systems on US Scourge not functioning properly

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    Water from the sprinklers is not being absorbed by the planters. The work  workaround we've found is to either turn the pumps off and back on, or to unhook the electric to the pumps and just rewire them.

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    An interesting note that I noticed about the pump switches: When this happens, at least on my farm, the pump switches make the sound as if on and display as on, except there is no red or green light and the lever is pointed in the off position. In my case the pump switches that this happens to are between the water pumps in the river and the storage barrels, however they are actually pumping water to the barrels even at this time. switching the 'funky' switches off and then back on again fixes the issue temporarily.

    It seems to happen frequently, perhaps more frequently than it did at the beginning of wipe, which suggests a possible overloading similar to that of the electrical lag we had last wipe. The issue does NOT seem to occur in systems that have no timers, which may also indicate an overload in the buffering of the water commands. The timers themselves do not appear to be having any issue, as they are switching off and on at their designated intervals, though I DID once notice a lag in the sprinklers turning on, as if they were slowly turning on one by one.

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    I don't use timers and I still have the issue. My system runs continuously and planters will not absorb the water after harvesting anything from the planter. Switching the pumps off and on the one time seemed to fix it once, but that's not been working for me anymore. I have to disconnect electric from my pumps and rewire them. Then it's fixed.. until I harvest again.

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    I believe this is an issue with the sheer amount of plumbing on the server processing at the same time. I will see if there isn't anything we can do on our end to address the issue.

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