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  • Weapon not reloading

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    Hello, Non of my weapons are reloading. other people can reload them and give them bk . but i cant. my character goes though the animation but doesnt actualy load ammo.

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    @eu pure i assisted in this case . player had a stack of 87 5.56 bullets on him . i saw the reloading animation but when i grabbed the gun afterwards it was just empty. for me the reload was working. so i advised him to kill the game. launch fresh , connect and try again . no change. i advised him to f1 kill himself and try again. nothing. we also ensured to have the right keybind with bind r +reload in console.i dropped him my own AK and told him to reload. same . reload animation but no reloading. yes. since my advises were depleted i sent him to bug reports . and hes the only one with that kind of issue on eu pure right now .


    //edit player had a semi auto rifle and my ak to test with

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    Is this only happening on our server? I'm not able to reproduce this. If you could please provide more information it will help me isolate the issue. I'd also recommend reinstalling if it's client related.

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