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  • Workbenches can eat all your scrap if your UI scale is set too low

    • 10.9.22 Released

    When you press E on a workbench to use it, it opens up your inventory with the 'open tech tree' option in the bottom right. Underneath that, the sorting UI is present with deposit all, sort a-z, share etc. If you select the deposit all option, any scrap in your main inventory will be deleted. While you wouldn't normally have any reason to select the option to deposit all, if you have the UI scale set to around 0.7 or lower, then the options begin to overlap with the open tech tree button and it can cause some unnecessary frustration when you try to click through the overlapping buttons, only to lose all your scrap.

    Unfortunately due to using Geforce Now to record this, it doesn't show my cursor, but hopefully you can see I highlight the scrap and then try to click through the deposit all button and the scrap vanished.


    obviously not an issue once people are aware that setting the UI scale to 1 will fix the overlap but it would be good if we could avoid it happening in the first place.

    Priority: Low Server: Scourge

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