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Banned: B0I & Lil Grumpy Bish

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Time: 2015 EST

Reason: Player Harrassment/Racism

Length: Permanent

Server: Pure PvE

Lil grumpy entered the game with an altered spelling of the word F*gg*t in their name and i asked them to change it, which they did. I continued to watch the player, he ran around looking into players inventories and storage. I told him not too, and he continued to do so. While I was working on the ban report for 6ix9ine, Lil met-up with Boi they were harassing @MaroofR and let themselves into his base uninvited when maroof opened the door. I told them both to leave, reminded them of the rules of the server. They continued to stick around maroof's base yelling through the mic. They threw their spear at his house and were yelling for him to give it back. I told them once more to leave Maroof and other players alone and that this was their final warning. They continued to run around screaming about "Naruto Running" and ran to a players base and looted his body and furnace. They have been banned.





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