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Hey friends,

My name is Jennykins and I am one of the admins here on RustEz Pure. I have only been PC gaming since November of 2017. Before this I have mainly played on console games such as, Xbox 360, WiiU, 3ds, and Gamboy. I have about 800 hours in 7 Days to Die on a PVP server, so I am familiar with survival games. Rust was a game that was bought for me in the beginning of December 2017. I have never been an admin before or played on a PVE server until now. I also only have about 150 hours into rust, but I'm going to do my best to help everyone I can. I have a lot of event ideas for you all and so I hope you enjoy them. 

I love the great sense of community this place has and you have been so wonderful and inviting to me...so far. I am very personable and authentic so if you ever want to talk just let me know. A little more about me; I am 22 year-old in my final year of college as an Art Education major. I am also an artist that makes some cool as heck work, so if you wanna see hit me up.

~Admin Jennykins


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