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Your friendly neighbourhood cannibal


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Greetings friends? compatriots? collaborators? appetizers? 

Whatever you are to me, know that I am a fellow member of this here great community, I have been playing video games on all manner of platforms for the majority of my life. But I am pretty new to survival games such as Rust, a friend introduced me to this game and now they no longer play [I ate them] but I still do, I have so far put 330 hrs into Rust. I also happen to lead Army of the Ravenous Dead Clan

A little more about myself, I am 27 cycles old and I consider myself quite the history buff, it's a passion of mine and I am considering going to uni to become a teacher. Some of my hobbies involve cartography, stargazing and also creating entire fantasy worlds. I enjoy playing and running D&D games on Wednesday nights. If you guys want to chat or play any other games then just give me a shout on Discord or over Steam if you have me on either of those.

Without remorse, Grimmsly the Ghoul, Cannibal and Lich.

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